Work Showcase

I believe the mission of Experience Design is to create value through the continuous exploration of human need, by way of both strategy and execution. The following is a select sample of my UX-related work in various industries.

Effective digital transformation

Designing experiences for both state and federal agencies has brought me a unique appreciation for what it means to work within the public trust. This work ranks as some of the most personally satisfying to me because of the scale and the tremendous impact it has on people's lives.
Case study
Government and public in digital transformation

Changing the patient journey

Healthcare is truly a rich digital ecosystem, ripe for transformation that can positively impact people's lives. From leading the UX teams at Rite Aid, to Highmark Health, to the heading up the experience strategy for GARDASIL 9, Merck pharmaceutical's vaccine that prevents HPV-related cancers, I derive great satisfaction crafting experiences that can literally change peoples' lives for the better.
Case study
Healthcare worker in a digital world

Clarifying financial services

Financial services, such as student loans and repayment, can be complex and cumbersome. The UX processes I lead at Campus Door, AES, FedLoan Servicing, and PHEAA aimed to simplify and remove the typical pain points by putting easy-to-use self-service tools at the hands of students and borrowers. These innovative products empowered new experiences, such as the first-ever electronic version of the PA State Grant application and I am very proud to have helped move the needle in the right direction.
Case study
Connected financial devices in the cloud

Modernizing enterprise applications

I have helped business such as Unisys, a global IT service provider, and D&H, a leading North American technology distributor, innovate their B2B offerings in an increasingly competitive landscape. Cargo logistics and supply chain management applications are some of the more complex use case scenarios that require careful planning and execution to succeed. These transactional applications are a fun challenge and a satisfying accomplishment at multiple levels.
Case study
Planes and trucks distributing supplies through a digital cloud

Human-centered, value seeking

For Experience Design to create optimal value within today's innovation-driven organizations, fundamental equity between business, technology and design needs established. I have steered the organizations I've worked with into better UX practices by creating communities and implementing methodologies that create better outcomes.
Case study
UX methods and output illustrated on a canvas